Technical Advice

In order to look after historic places of worship it is important to understand how they are built and how this affects our approach to their maintenance and repair. To help you with this we have provided guidance and advice on various elements of the building and the materials used in their construction as easy to print PDF sheets.

Further advice

There are many other sources of technical help provided by our project partners which you may find useful.  Click here for more information.

  • Roof details

    Covering roof valleys, parapet gutters, abutments with walls as well as access and roofspaces

    Roof details listing
  • Roof finishes

    Covering types of roof finishes including tile, slate, lead and sheet metal and ridges and hips.

    Roof finishes listing
  • Towers, Spires and Steeples

    Covers external surfaces, internal spaces and safe access

    Towers  spires and steeples listing
  • Wall construction and decay

    Covering the difference between traditional and modern wall construction, their mortar and how and why masonry walls decay.

    Wall construction listing
  • Wall finishes and ground levels

    Covers the different types of external renders and their function, and the problems associated with high ground levels and plant growth on and around places of worship.

    Wall finishes listing