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Lincolnshire has a rich religious heritage which is reflected in the hundreds of places of worship across the county. This ranges from the iconic Lincoln Cathedral, to the Wesley Memorial Chapel in Epworth, as well as a huge number of rural churches, chapels, and meetings houses.

Churches are the greatest glory of Lincolnshire. Nowhere else in the world are there so many magnificent churches in so small an area

Lincolnshire Churches Trust

But, as Lincolnshire Churches Trust say, “somebody has to maintain them”.  Our Project Officer  worked across the county to help those who look after these buildings, developing networks of volunteers who they can call on to lend a hand, and building capacity at the local level.

Lincolnshire Co-ops

There are six Maintenance Co-op groups in Lincolnshire and North Norfolk:

North Manlake – Near / between Scunthorpe & the Humber Bridge

Holland – South / East of Boston, incl Algarkirk and Benington

Lincoln City – City centre churches such as St Mary-le-Wigford

South Wolds – Horncastle and surrounding villages

Saxon Shore – North Norfolk: Brancaster and nearby coastal villages

South Lincolnshire– Barrowby (Grantham) and nearby churches

Useful Information

Click on the links below to access (hopefully) useful, Lincolnshire-specific information, including slides from presentations at training events.

Click here for Stella's project introduction/overview presentation

Click here for a document listing contractors based in Lincolnshire/E-Mids 

Co-ops project information pack: 

  1. Project overview
  2. Key reasons to get involved
  3. Potential training sessions
  4. Intention to join form

Training event presentations:

Click here for Stella's presentation on condition surveys and maintenance plans 

Click here for the slides from a caring for churchyards sesssion

Click here for slides on project management and developing your ideas

Further information on a wide range of technical issues, from looking after windows to lightning protection, can be found on our techincal advice pages