South West

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The South West has hundreds of places of worship of all denominations and ages from the Pre-Norman St Martin in Wareham Dorset to the modern Clifton Cathedral in Bristol. While they vary widely in age, form and size they all have one thing in common - they need to be maintained.

Many of the Victorian churches were constructed on an ambitious scale relative to the population of the communities they were built to serve, and the extent of the repairs which in many cases are now becoming urgent, is commensurate with their size. Meanwhile, the need for essential repairs and maintenance of the older churches has in no way diminished

Dorset Historic Churches Trust

The SPAB Maintenance Co-operatives Project provided support, training and resources to help those who want to help look after these buildings. We developed networks of volunteers who can carry out basic preventative maintenance tasks. You can continue to get free technical advice on specific building issues from the SPAB technical team. If you need help or advice regarding your place of worship please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Copies of the regular regional South West project newsletter are below:

March 2017 South West MCP Update 

September 2016 South West MCP Update

August 2016 South West MCP Update

June 2016 South West MCP Update

March 2016 South West MCP Update

January 2016 South West MCP Update

September 2015 South West MCP Update

June 2015 South West MCP Update

Hard at work at St. Mary's, Maiden Newton

In Dorset the Melbury Team has received training and is taking practical action. Volunteers in the group have carried out preventative maintenance tasks at places of worship within the Melbury Team area, reported on their dedicated page.