Champing Churches revealed for 2017

Fordwich 3 detail

There are 12 glorious churches across England and Orkney available between 31st March and 30th September 2017 where you can spend a night or more enjoying the architecture from the comfort of your cosy bedding.

"You can take your pick from churches large and small, by riverbank or moor, old and extremely old – there’s something for everyone".

Champing is brought to you by the Churches Conservation Trust who came up with the idea about four years ago.

The 12 churches on offer for 2017 includes St Peter in Sandwick, Orkney, (which is being made available by the Scottish Redundant Churches Trust)) a simple lime washed kirk which sits on rugged and exposed position overlooking the Bay of Skaill on the west coast of mainland Orkney. Or at the other end of the country, there is All Saints, Langport, Somerset which is an impressively large church with a very large tower on top of a very steep hill, looking down over the pretty Somerset village.

There is plenty of information on the Champing website telling you all about the individual churches, how to get to them as well as good places to eat nearby.

 There are also plenty of FAQs which answer such questions as

  • Will we be cold?
  • Do we have to bring our own bedding?
  • Is breakfast included?
  • Can we drink alcohol? (the answer to that one is YES!)
  • What will the toilet be like?
  • Can we bring our dog/s?
  • Will there be a service on Sunday morning? (the answer to that one is NO unless you chose to do it yourselves)

So if you are looking for a different holiday in 2017, try Champing!