Info-Point Wi-Fi: a new way to provide information for your visitors

Info point detail

I was at a conference recently and heard about this very simple and straightforward way of providing your visitors with information and interpretation material about your church by enabling them to just use their smart phones or tablet. Especially useful for churches that are not connected to the internet and/or are not able to receive broadband.

Info-Point works by creating a ‘local web’ on which your visitors can browse information and interpretation material using their smartphone or tablet. So it doesn’t matter if you don’t have internet at your church or a phone signal, as this system enables your visitors to connect to the Info-Point Wi-Fi ‘hot spot’ and browse your information – just as if they were browsing the real web.

The Info-Point server is no larger than an A4 sheet although a bit thicker. It can be located out of site and so be secure from vandalism or theft, but left on 24/7 so that its Wi-Fi can serve up anything from leaflets to virtual tours any time.

It is already being used by several places of worship as well as other historic attractions as well as sites that are large and spread out such as National Trust properties with gardens and coastal trails and even Scottish mountain sides.

Have a look at the website and see if it might be right for you. 

(Please note that this only one provider of such a service. There may well be other commercial providers that you might also want to investigate)