Brexit and the Rural Future: Implications for churches & communities

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Brexit is never out of the news at the moment for obvious reasons and there is a huge amoint of uncertainly about how we and our communities will be effected.

A day's conference has been organised on the 30th March exploring the issues of Brexit and likely effects on rural communities, churches, agriculture and the environment.

The organisers stress that this is not a day to debate the pros & cons of Brexit but a day to work towards the common good whilst recognising that differences will continue to exist. 

Contributers include: Anne Richards, Mission Theology Adviser for the Church of England; Minette Batters, Vice-President, National Farmers' Union; Ivan Annibal & Jessica Sellick, Rose Regeneration; Rob Cunningham, Principal Catchment Manager, RSPB. The day will be chaired by Revd Bruce Thompson, Chair of the Lincolnshire Methodist District

It is taking place on Thursday 30th March in the Council Chamber at the Arthur Rank Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, between 10.00am and 4pm. The day will cost £25 including lunch and you can find more information and book here.

It will be not be able to provide all the answers, but hopefully it is the start of a process of working out what needs to be done to make the transition as smooth as possible.