Keep an eye on the ExploreChurches website

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Back in November, I reported on the launch of the National Churches Trust's new website Explore Churches for those who love churches.

The aim is to provide one place that people can go to if they want to find out which churches are near to where they live or the area that they are going to be visiting. The website brings churches to life by using high quality images and providing information about the history and architecture of individual buildings. It’s then easy to plan a visit to a church as ExploreChurches also provides practical information including opening hours, directions and access detail.

If you love churches, it is good to get in the habit of clicking on the website whenever you are going on holiday or taking a short break. Of course, it is too early for every place of worship to be up there, but more are being added there every week. (And of course you can put your own church up there using the online form and including good resolution photos).

One of the innovative features is of the website is a selection of themed lists which help visitors to find churches that fit with their existing passions and interests. And new themes are being introduced such as wooden churches, churches on TV and film, and medieval bridge chapels.

I have just had a look at one entitled Tidal Island churches. Just read this

When is an island not an island? When, for a few hours each day, the low tide reveals a strip of land joining it to the mainland. The UK has just over 40 tidal islands, some large some very small. The best feature unique churches and chapels, often with monastic beginnings and built in these places for peace and tranquillity. They are often beautiful and fascinating places to visit. But, always check the tide times in advance - or be ready to swim back...

And then have a look at the beautiful photographs and I can guarantee that you will be packing your bags!