Co-op Toolkit

We have put together a Toolkit containing information and resources to help you to set up your own Maintenance Co-operative. 

If you need specific advice on dealing with the different concerns and challenges that maintaining buildings can pose then take a look at our Technical Advice page.

  • Maintenance Plan templates (HB22)

    We have provided a template to help structure your Maintenance Plan. There are 2 versions: a shorter version over 2 pages and a longer version with an A4 sheet for each element of the Place of Worship. Both can be edited/adapted to suit your building.

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  • Glossary (HB25)

    Before starting your baseline survey, if you are not already familiar with the words used to describe architectural features you might find a glossary useful. Here is a short glossary to download, alternatively visit

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  • Caring for Churchyards: Advice and Guidance

    This is a list of websites which may be of help in providing advice and guidance on caring for your churchyard or burial ground.

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  • Faith in Maintenance Calendar

    This handy calendar and checklist shows you regular maintenance tasks to do throughout the year. You can also use it to identify any areas of concern you need to address on your building.

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