Upcoming Events

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6th Mar 2017

Introduction to Preventative Maintenance for Historic Churches

Come to Stanley Pontlarge near Cheltenham for an illustrated talk to explain preventative maintenance on places of worship and how volunteers can contribute to this work; a short working party/hands-on session will follow

St john bournemouth listing
25th Mar 2017

Bournemouth Co-op: St John's survey and working party

Come and join us for a practical session on preventative maintenance of churches and other historic buildings, looking for - and tackling - maintenance issues before they lead to expensive repairs.


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23rd Feb 2017

Help with Maintenance for churches in Yorkshire and the Humber

MaintenanceBooker is providing an online ‘one stop shop’ where churches and chapels can book accredited contractors for services including gutter clearance, tree maintenance and inspecting lightning protection systems.

St davids cathedral floor listing
20th Feb 2017

Historic Floors Guidance Note: a SPAB & Church Care joint publication

A new guidance note has been launched, developed jointly by ChurchCare (Church Buildings Council) and SPAB which addresses the issues surrounding the care and repair and replacement of historic floors in church buildings.

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South West

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North East

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Not in one of our regions?

You can still get involved! We can’t have a Regional Support Officer dedicated to every region, but that hasn’t stopped the Maintenance Co-operative movement from spreading. Already local volunteers are taking the initiative to start their own co-operatives, supported by our online resources and a little help from our team over the phone. In some cases we can even help find local trainers to help you to get started. If you are interested in starting a Maintenance Co-op we would love to hear form you, we will do everything that we can to help. Please contact us for more information and to tell us about your plans.