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5th Jul 2016

Milnthorpe & Arneside Methodist Churches Re-ordering Projects Visits

Join us for a guided visit to 2 Methodist Churches to hear how they are progressing with their re-development project to create a community hub (Milnethorpe) and major re-ordering (Arnside). Free, light lunch included

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21st Jul 2016

Care, Conservation and Cleaning of Stained and Leaded Glass

Join us at St Michael's Dalston in Cumbria for an informal afternoon with Alex Haynes from Albion Glass to learn about caring for stained and leaded glass windows. Free, all welcome.


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24th Jun 2016

How to fund repairs and conservation works to stained glass windows

A few pointers on where to go for advice and funding on repairing and conserving stained glass windows

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23rd Jun 2016

Of Churches, Toothache and Sheep

Two publications from the Norwich Historic Churches Trust, one on medieval churches and one on redundancy and repair based on contributions to the 2014 and 2015 NHCT Conferences.

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Not in one of our regions?

You can still get involved! We can’t have a Regional Support Officer dedicated to every region, but that hasn’t stopped the Maintenance Co-operative movement from spreading. Already local volunteers are taking the initiative to start their own co-operatives, supported by our online resources and a little help from our team over the phone. In some cases we can even help find local trainers to help you to get started. If you are interested in starting a Maintenance Co-op we would love to hear form you, we will do everything that we can to help. Please contact us for more information and to tell us about your plans.